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“Sue Anne was our Celebrant for our wedding ceremony this summer. I cannot recommend Sue Anne highly enough. She is a consummate professional and puts so much love and energy into every detail of our ceremony. She was an absolute joy to work with, helping us write a complete ceremony, bespoke and personal to us and facilitated original and sentimental details to make something we felt very connected to.

It truly was our ceremony. Sue Anne's kindness and confidence guided us through every element, from planning to performing the ceremony with so much grace and kindness. I must say I was very nervous about my wedding day, but I was certainly not nervous about the ceremony. Sue Anne put us at ease, we knew it was all in very capable, conscientious hands!

I would advise anyone wanting to undertake a ceremony of any kind to work with Sue Anne. We loved her and our guests loved her. 10/10”

— Eva Gould



“Sue Anne, that was a beautiful and emotional ceremony. I thank you for giving me a different way of looking at Grief and being able to see the gift that has been given to us, instead of it being so painful.


The hurt and pain will never go away of course, but you have shown me a way of acceptance and I thank you for this. Your tone of voice and words are a healing in itself. Through all your own sadness and grief, you heal others. You are an inspirational and amazing lady.”

— Rosetta F.

Naming Ceremonies


“Sue Anne thank you so much for everything. The naming ceremony was brilliant. We had such a great time and it was just so special having everyone together to celebrate with us.


We couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant. You really went above and beyond, listened to us and made us feel so comfortable. We won’t forget that.”

— Deb & Ashley

Vow Renewals


“There are no words about Sue Anne as your celebrant that can express how we felt but we will try. Feeling like someone other than you can see and feel what's in your heart and soul and share this with others who are with you on a special occasion.

Ours was our 30th wedding anniversary and a renewing of vows (totally 100% a surprise organised by hubby and Sue Anne). Sue Anne has the ability to add laughter and joy and tears, treasured moments all made so precious by her beautiful soul and her nature filled with pure joy and kindness.
What ever your occasion, big or small, we can tell you Sue Anne has you in her capable hands.”

— Linda & John

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Sue Anne

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