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Funeral Ceremonies

The Celebrant by Your Side™


I am deeply sorry for your loss

I would like to express my sincere condolences to you.
​I'm sorry you had to find me at this incredibly sad time for you and your family.

I'm Sue Anne, the Celebrant by Your Side

I am a Holistic Funeral Celebrant based in Fethard, Co. Tipperary. I travel the country offering an alternative funeral ceremony to celebrate and mourn the life and death of Your Loved One.

I am here to guide and support you in the coming days as you plan their Funeral ceremony.
Every ceremony is unique, written and delivered with respect, compassion and kindness.

Funerals allow us to pause and acknowledge the life of our Loved Ones, their personality, their achievements, and the gift they were to our lives. Family and friends gather to honour their grief, immense sorrow, and feelings of loss.

As I am not based in any religion or faith, I can officiate your Loved One's funeral wherever and however you would like it to be. You have the freedom to choose the ceremony that’s fitting their soul, celebrating them, and reflecting on their life in a respectful and meaningful way. It’s a time and space to say goodbye.

Why choose a Holistic Celebrant-led Funeral?

I believe in the importance of honouring life, of paying homage to our loved one, in a way that truly reflects who they were.


I have met people who did not know there was an alternative to a church funeral, and sadly saw their loved one going from home to grave without a ceremony to celebrate the gift they were in this world.

My role is to offer you an alternative way to officially say goodbye, to honour the person you have lost, in a unique way. I am here to listen to your stories and anecdotes, to gather the essence of your loved one and make their life story the heart of the ceremony.

Every Holistic Ceremony is unique and personally written, and upon meeting you, I’ll make notes, talk with you, and help you plan the full ceremony, all along the way. Should someone suddenly find they cannot do their reading, I am here to step in.

Take your time, grieve, allow your tears, mourn the person you knew and loved in your own way, honour the love, friendship and relationship you shared.

What is an Alternative Funeral?


lternative Funerals are not based on any faith or religion, meaning the service can be as ‘close to or as far removed’ from a traditional ceremony as you would like. ​

They can be completely absent of any religious element, or should you wish, can include some religious aspects.

Choosing an Alternative Funeral Ceremony allows you to have more freedom to create a fitting service, where we can include poems, stories, music, release balloons, a family member can play your Loved One’s favourite song, and even toast them with their favourite tipple. As long as it reflects the life of your Loved One, anything is possible.

A very dear grave of mine

Where can the ceremony take place?

Funeral Ceremonies can be held in Your home, a Funeral home, by the Graveside, in the Crematorium or in a place of significance. Families may like to have the ceremony in two parts, with one section during the ‘Wake’ and the second part at either the Crematorium or Graveside. The choice is yours and I am happy to discuss options with you when we meet.

It’s also possible for those of you who would like to keep the service at the crematorium private for your immediate family and hold a memorial service at a later date where the wider circle of family and friends can gather. 

Funerals can be highly emotional with some families asking me to deliver the full ceremony including readings, poems, and eulogy, or sections of these, while others like to be involved or have friends and relatives taking part in certain aspects.

The reality is, there are no rules to saying goodbye. You are not alone, and as your Holistic Celebrant, I am by your side throughout to help in all stages of the ceremony.

The Door Opens, I look up, hopeful for a brief moment, but it’s not you, for you will never walk through here again, smile and say hello. This is the reality of grief. Yet for always I have my memories and through tears I smile once more as I think of you…


Can we hold a funeral ceremony at a later date?

While typically the ceremony takes place at the time of your loved one's passing, there are occasions where the ceremony is held at a later date and time.

For example, if for any reason you were unable to attend or hold a funeral at the time of their death, it is possible to gather to honour their life through a personal ceremony, giving you the opportunity to share memories, grieve and say goodbye to your loved one.

  Funeral Ceremony Preparation 

We'll arrange to talk in person, by phone, or Zoom to gather a sense of your loved one. This will include sharing memories, photos and insights enabling me to have a sense of your loved one, their life, their highs and lows, the habits you loved or that drove you crazy.


From there:

  • I'll outline the ceremony and together, based on your preferences, select the most suitable ceremony style that’s fitting for you.

  • I draft the funeral ceremony, send it to you, and make final adjustments.

  • I'll speak with any family or friends who have a role in the ceremony, helping them prepare and become familiar with the ceremony structure.

  • ​Liaise with funeral director, musician, etc., if required

  • Officiate funeral ceremony and committal (if requested)

  • Travel to and from ‘Wake’, crematorium, or graveyard


Please Feel free to contact me directly to discuss your Ceremony.

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