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Wedding Ceremonies

The Celebrant by Your Side


Congratulations to you both!

You have decided to get married, what’s next is really up to you. Planning your perfect day can take many forms. You may want a small intimate ceremony with family only, or a big celebration with family and friends.

You may want elements that are spiritual, traditional, or religious included or you may opt for something totally different, reflecting you and your love story. Maybe it was your love of a particular hobby that brought you together. You might want to walk in together rocking to your favourite band, or include words of a song filled with meaning to you both as one of your readings. Choosing a Holistic Celebrant provides you with such freedom! 

“Marriage is more than a promise to love you on the good days.
It’s a vow to love you always, no matter how hard, because love takes commitment, and I choose to love you every single day for the rest of our lives.”

The Celebrant by Your Side


I’m Sue Anne O’Donnell, a Holistic Family Celebrant based in Fethard, Co. Tipperary. I travel the country offering a wide range of alternative ceremonies, which typically are non-religious and are written and performed according to your specific requests and wishes. One such alternative ceremony is Weddings.

What I cherish about Alternative Weddings is how the list of what we can do together to personalise your day is endless.


With a Holistic Wedding, you can write your own vows, exchange rings in non-traditional ways, include symbols that reflect you, poems you love, add enhancements like hand fasting or sand pouring. Or why not have a Ceremony Signing ‘keep sake’ to mark your special day? These are just some of the options which both wedding and commitment ceremony couples can choose to include on their special day.

Graphic of wedding enhancement ideas

When you choose to have an Independent Celebrant-led Wedding, you are giving yourselves a blank canvas. I purposely chose to be an Independent Ethical Celebrant and not do the Legal side of Weddings so that I would be able to offer you complete freedom in planning, crafting, writing and performing your perfect ceremony.


hen we meet, you will discover that, although I provide the structure, it's all about you from the start. No two Ceremonies will ever be the same. My aim is to support you every step of the way. I am there to answer questions and I always have ‘My Ceremony Suggestion and Idea kit' on hand to help get the creative juices flowing!

Let’s create together a ceremony you will both cherish for years to come, allowing you to look back and say, 'We loved that day, we loved how Our ceremony was a celebration and reflection of Our love'.

I am the Celebrant By Your Side every step of the way, give me a call and let's plan your perfect Wedding Ceremony. 

Words of a newly married couple

“Help us always remember how strong our love is today.
Help us to remember to be kind in what we say.
Help us to remember the power of words 'I love you'
and to remember to say them to each other every single day.”

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

Some couples wish only to make a commitment to each other, and some wish to have their marriage recognised by the state. And so, to answer a question I am often asked, what is the difference? 

  • With a Wedding Ceremony, as a couple you have decided to complete a 'Legal Signing of the Register' on a date either before or following Your Wedding Ceremony, and it generally include Vows.

  • While with a Commitment Ceremony, you have no wish to legally register your marriage and often choose to include commitment Words in place of Vows.


   An Important Note  

In Ireland, Celebrant-led weddings are officiated separately to the legal signing of the registrar, which you arrange for a time and date either before or after your ceremony that suits you both. It's a very straightforward process. When we meet, I can talk you through the necessary steps, so that you can have this organised and out of the way! You will find all the details on the HSE website.


pting to go this route is a huge benefit, with the legal bit done and dusted with yourselves and your two witnesses, you then hold the ceremony of your dreams with family and friends, free from all restrictions.

This means your ceremony can be in any venue of your choosing; your back Garden, your favourite Pub, the Restaurant where you first met, on the beach at sunset, with just the two of you, or surrounded by family and friends. Also, your wedding can be themed, relaxed, formal, include spiritual, semi-religious, or non-denominational and tradition free as you both wish. It is your ceremony after all, and the choices are endless. Many couples who have had to postpone their 2020 wedding have opted to sort the legal bit with their witnesses, and decided to change to a Civil Wedding Celebration with all their family and friends at a later date.


Watch this space for exciting Wedding Ceremony news in 2023...

LB-147 (2).jpg


“My husband and I were so lucky to be married by Sue Anne, even after numerous delays due to Covid! We could not be more grateful for the incredibly beautiful ceremony that she created for us. Every step of the way, Sue Anne guided, supported and centred us in the planning of our special day. [...]

She is a complete natural and was clearly born to celebrate people! She puts everyone at ease and created the most beautiful and comfortable environment for all of us. We felt truly blessed for the special day that Sue Anne created for us.”

  We want you as our Celebrant  

  • Contact me to secure your date

  • Arrange our initial meeting

  • Discuss and decide on the various aspects of your ceremony​

Next Steps

  • ​Arrange a ceremony planning meeting with you, where I gather all details required to craft your ceremony.

  • Send the ceremony draft to you for approval, making any adjustments, or additions before completion.

  • Check in with you 2 weeks prior to the wedding. 

  • ​Have a full spare print out of the ceremony on the day should any of the readers forget their copy.

  • I will arrive one and half hours prior to your ceremony to be on hand for any questions.

  • A pre wedding practice is available should you require for a nominal fee.

  • Present you with a copy of your ceremony as a keepsake.


Call or email me now to save the date, book a face-to-face meeting, and let’s get started on creating your perfect ceremony today!

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