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Naming Ceremonies

The Celebrant by Your Side™

Naming Ceremonies are a beautiful alternative to religious christenings. Parents get a chance to celebrate the arrival of their child in their lives. It is a truly memorable ceremony in which you promise to guide, support, nurture, recognise and celebrate every day the beautiful human they are.

​As parents, you will bestow a name on your baby, declare the depth of Your love, and make commitments to be there for your child, to always support, encourage and guide them to become the best version of themselves.


I'm Sue Anne, The Celebrant by Your Side

Based in Co. Tipperary, I am an Independent Holistic Family and Funeral Celebrant, as well as a Legal Wedding Solemniser. Therefore, I offer the legal elements of your weddings.

I passionately believe in the importance of celebrating life’s events in ways that are fitting for You, regardless of tradition, culture, religious, or other beliefs.

One such event that deserves to be celebrated through a personally written ceremony is that of gifting your baby their name. As The Celebrant by Your Side™, I guide you every step of the way, ensuring your baby’s naming ceremony reflects your love, your joy at their arrival, and celebrates the beautiful human they are.

“Before you, we thought our life was complete, then you arrived!
Today we bestow your name and celebrate the wondrous gift of you.”

Your Ceremony, Your Way

Because there are no legal requirements and restrictions, your Naming Ceremony will be fully tailored to your wants and needs. It’s a ceremony full of celebration, which can be held shortly after birth, or when your baby is older. Some parents even prefer to wait and hold a naming ceremony for all their children on the same day. It's totally up to you!


One of the many benefits of choosing a Holistic Celebrant Naming Ceremony is the freedom to create the perfect, relaxing, joy-filled celebration in the way that works best for you. As naming ceremonies are not held in a church, you get to select your perfect venue. This can be the Kitchen, the Back garden, the Local park, in a Restaurant function room, by the beach, basically anywhere of your choosing. 

Design with naming ceremony enhancement ideas

Your Baby Naming Ceremony can be as intimate as you and your baby, or with family and friends. Most often, we begin with a welcome, including some readings or poems. There might be a story behind your baby’s name which you would like to share through the ceremony. 

​Parents, grandparents, guide parents, siblings and friends can be actively involved in the process in a variety of ways. It can be through readings, poems, balloon releasing, or candle lighting, to name a few. 

You can also include traditional, religious, or spiritual aspects should you wish. I will be happy to discuss these with you.

Each Ceremony is unique in content and duration, though to answer the question so often asked, a baby’s naming ceremony generally lasts approximately 25/30 minutes.


A New

In some instances, the ceremony is around stepchildren adopting a new surname.


This highlights the intention to come together as a united family with the same surname into a beautiful and personal ceremony.


"We instantly connected with Sue Anne and knew she was the perfect celebrant for our baby's big day. She was just so approachable and is so good at what she does.


On the day, everyone commented how beautifully personal the ceremony was and that was all down to Sue Anne. Thanks so much and I'm sure we will see each other again for more celebrations down the line."

- Denise

  Next Steps  

If you're interested in holding a naming ceremony, here's what to do next:

  • Contact me by mobile or email me to check date availability.

  • ​We will meet to plan the ceremony and decide what elements you would like included such as poems, stories, the history of your baby’s name, their arrival (planned, surprise or long awaited), music you may like to add to the service.

  • Decide who You would like to invite to your naming ceremony

  • Decide who you would like to include in the ceremony on the day, this may be grandparents, other children, friends.

  • If you would like your son/daughter to have Guide Parents, decide who these might be.

  • Once you have decided on the number of guests, the choice of venue will be easy to decide  

  • Choose readings, poems and enhancements for the ceremony, creating the perfect memorable day for you and your baby.

  • Discuss the role of the Guide Parents in the ceremony, if they are present on the day.

  • Agree the day, date, time and venue!

  • I will arrive 45 -60 minutes before the ceremony to arrange the set-up and to go over any questions you or the Guide Parents or those involved might have in advance of the ceremony.

  • If certain extra materials were requested to be included in the enhancement element of the ceremony, I will remind you of same prior to the day.

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