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Memorials & Anniversaries

The Celebrant by Your Side™


What is a Memorial or Anniversary Ceremony?

Each Holistic Ceremony is dedicated to commemorating your loved one in ways that are meaningful, respectful, and unique.


Memorial ceremonies are held for a few different reasons. One is where your Loved one lived, died and is buried abroad, yet you would like to hold a ceremony here at home for family and friends who could not attend the funeral. The next is when a person has asked to be cremated, and family and friends choose to hold a Memorial Ceremony at the burying of their Loved One's ashes, as opposed to the time of their death.
This type of ceremony came forth in 2020 and 2021 as people could not attend a Loved One’s funeral and would now like to gather family and friends and hold a Memorial Ceremony. They can finally pay their respects, share memories, honour their grief and hold a space to remember with love.​

Typically, Anniversary Ceremonies are held to remember our loved one on their birthday or anniversary. This is what we call Lá Cuimneacháin in Irish, meaning ‘day of memory’. 

Whether you are planning a Memorial or an Anniversary Ceremony, it can be difficult to organise how to remember and honour your Loved One in a way that is fitting, respectful and meaningful. It becomes especially challenging when the person didn’t live a traditional life or hold religious beliefs, to know what type of ceremony to hold to pay homage. I am here to help.

Image de Aleks Dahlberg

I miss you, 
My heart aches for your smile, for your laughter, for the sound of your voice
Here is my truth;
I love that you were in my life, 
I wouldn’t trade these memories to be free of this sadness,
For that would mean I never got to know you.
You see I understand my sadness is rooted in deep Love.
A love for which I am forever grateful.

— Sue Anne, The Celebrant By Your Side

Your Celebrant

I am a Holistic Funeral Celebrant based in Co. Tipperary, I travel the country offering an alternative to religious based funeral, memorial, and anniversary ceremonies. 

As The Celebrant By Your Side, I am here to support you, share ideas and help write and deliver a ceremony that remembers the life and death of your Loved One. My goal as your celebrant is to ensure we pay homage to your loved one in a beautiful ceremony especially written for them, which reflects the person they were and recognises their unique life.

It is about holding a space for family and friends to gather, recall and share precious memories made together.

Where can a Civil Ceremony take place?

Memorial and Anniversary Ceremonies can be held in a variety of places: your home, by the Grave side, in a place of significance.
Some families sometimes opt to hold the ceremony in a local hotel or restaurant where they can share a meal or snack following the ceremony.

It is all about what works best for you and meets your needs.

How does it work?

I can deliver the entire ceremony (including readings, poems, and memories of your loved one in their eulogy), or we can share different sections of the ceremony along with family and friends who would like to be involved. 

Each personally written ceremony can include stories of their quirky side, achievements, hobbies, or even their habits that drove you crazy, we can include or exclude whatever feels right. Your Loved One’s ceremony will be in the way that is fitting for you.

Just as funerals, memorials and anniversaries can be highly emotional, with emotions catching us unaware.


You are not alone, I am here to step in if someone finds themselves unable to continue, or simply stand beside them, or finish the poem or reading. Whatever is needed, rest assured I am by your side every step of the way.


Please know, grief has no rules. I understand the importance of holding a ceremony that’s most fitting for your Loved One, of telling the story of their life.

 Ceremony Preparations 

We arrange to talk in person, by phone, or Zoom to gather a sense of your loved one, this will include sharing memories, photos and insights on their life, their highs and lows, etc.

  • I will outline the ceremony, and taking into account your preferences, select the most suitable ceremony style.

  • I send you a draft of the ceremony, and we can together make final adjustments.

  • I will speak with any family or friends who have a role in the ceremony, helping them prepare and become familiar with the ceremony structure.

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your ceremony and arrange dates.

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