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Sue Anne O'Donnell

The Celebrant by Your Side™

Holistic Ceremonies by Sue Anne


With a celebrant-led ceremony for your life event, you are generally not limited to what can or cannot be included in your ceremony. When it comes to tailoring your perfect ceremony, be it a happy life event or the sad task of saying farewell to your loved one, you have the freedom to ask for the ceremony that's most fitting and meaning for You. 

It can be as religious, spiritual, themed, formal, chilled and relaxed as you wish. An Independent Celebrant Ceremony is a way to add your unique personal style, values and choices to your ceremony. Depending on the chosen ceremony, some can be held in any location, involving as many or as few guests as you would like. Please feel free to email, text or call me to discuss and arrange your specific holistic ceremony.

I am an ‘Entheos Ireland’ trained Celebrant and member who daily, is committed to being the change in the world I wish to see. Not only do I believe in the Divine Spark within each person, I openly, embrace the absolute equality of all people, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, financial status, or any other possible hierarchy of worth.

I focus on being present for you, to the best of my ability, whatever your ceremony, be that as your chosen Legal Wedding Solemniser, Family, and Funeral Celebrant. It is my honour to write, deliver, and hold your meaningful, love-filled ceremony for your special life event, for those of every walk of life, of every faith and no faith.

Please note: You may need to ask permission to hold a ceremony in certain public outdoor venues/areas.

While Legal Weddings must take place in a recognised venue that has a clearly identifiable address with
Eircode and must be either a building that is open to the public or a courtyard, garden, field or piece of ground that is open to the public and is near to and usually shared with the building. (Check the HSE website for full requirements)


  • Legal Wedding Solemniser

  • Entheos Ireland Member & Celebrant Trained

  • Holistic Funeral & Family Celebrant - IIOC Trained

  • Associate Member of IAFD

  • NLP Master Practictioner and Life Coach (INLP)

  • SPHE Facilitator (HDip)

  • Guest Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

Special Celebration Ceremonies

They are too numerous to mention all here, yet I hope this brief list helps you spark ideas for your special celebration ceremony. Remember, you can always contact me to discuss, arrange and plan your Specific Alternative Civil Ceremony.

Can't Believe We’re Together This Long Ceremony

​I Got the All-Clear Ceremony

A ceremony celebration to mark a new phase of life
(new job, new home, change of name which for some is following divorce
and wish to celebrate this new phase in their life)

An incredibly special

Birthday Ceremony Celebration

A Retirement Ceremony Celebration

A New Venture 

Coming of Age or Milestone Celebration

typically for a young person, a teenager


​We all deserve to be celebrated, let me craft and deliver your personal life ceremony today.

Get in touch with Sue Anne

Picture of Sue Anne

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your ceremony.




+353 86 8239431

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