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Vow Renewal Ceremony

The Celebrant by Your Side™


Maybe you had a small wedding on your own and now you wish to renew your vows in your favourite hotel, stay a night or two in total decadence where following your Vow Renewal Ceremony you share food and dance the night away with family and friends who came to Celebrate your Love today.

Maybe your Vow Renewal Ceremony is a complete surprise, arranged by your loved ones because they know you would love it, and they want to celebrate you who have been their inspirational love story.

Maybe You have been through some sadness and rediscovered the 'Rock you are for each other' and now it’s time to mark this.

Whatever the reason, it's your reason and you want to mark this with a Vow Renewal Ceremony.
While couples often choose milestone dates (1 year, 25 years, 50 years…), believe me when I say, you don’t have to wait for the usual dates. You can celebrate your love and renew your vows, your commitment to each other on any date that holds meaning to you. 

Why wait to celebrate love, pick your date and make it a celebration to remember and treasure. Vow renewals are joy-filled, romantic celebrations. Your love deserves to be celebrated.

Image by Nadine Rupprecht

“Love isn't about how long we are together.

Real love, is about how we have grown, laughed, cried, smiled, held each other through every single experience, each and every day. Now that's love.”


Your Celebrant

Opting for an Alternative Celebrant allows you to create this special day with complete freedom.

Based in Co. Tipperary, I am a Family & Funeral Celebrant who can perform legal weddings. I offer a range of alternative Celebration Ceremonies throughout the country.

As an Independent Celebrant, I am not based in any religion or faith, giving me the freedom to write and deliver your unique Vow Renewal ceremony wherever and however you would like it to be. For me, it is always about Celebrating You. That’s why every ceremony is written and delivered especially for you.

Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

There are so many beautiful and personal ways to ensure Your Vow Renewal Ceremony is meaningful to you. It really is all about you choosing the way you would like to celebrate and honour Your life and growing love for each other.


ou can celebrate all you have gone through together with those closest to you in a small intimate ceremony, at home over a glass of bubbly, flowers from the garden and share delicious nibbles from your favourite coffee shop, wearing light summer clothes and your flipflops for comfort!

This can be a small ceremony with family and friends or a big party with hundreds of guests, remember it is your celebration so there are no limiting rules.

Your Vow Renewal Ceremony can be as traditional or as far removed from tradition as you would like. Many couples like to have their children and grandchildren involved in the ceremony. Some couples like to have their Vow Renewal Ceremony almost identical to a wedding while others choose to have it more relaxed and more easy flowing. Your day can be themed based on your shared hobby, or around your favourite holiday together. The options are endless.

There are so many elements to choose from and I have only popped a few here to give ideas. When we meet to plan your ceremony, we can discuss all the options, choosing the one or ones most fitting for you.

LBEnhancement Ideas - Vow Renewals.png

A wish
for your Anniversary

“May you always remember how gently your love grew, May you always feel its strength and depth, May the words you speak always be kind, the rows few and the Kisses, many!”

- Sue Anne O'Donnell


“There are no words about Sue Anne as our celebrant that can express how we felt. Feeling like someone other than you can see and feel what's in your heart and soul and share this with others who are with you on a special occasion. Ours was our 30th wedding anniversary and a renewing of vows (totally 100% a surprise organised by hubby and Sue Anne).

Sue Anne has the ability to add laughter and joy and tears, treasured moments all made so precious by her beautiful soul and her nature filled with pure joy and kindness.


What ever your occasion, big or small, we can tell you Sue Anne has you in her capable hands. Love and light.”

— Linda & John

  To Organise Your Ceremony  

  • Contact me

  • Check that I am available on the date

  • Arrange our initial meeting

  • Pay your deposit​

What to expect from me

  • I save the date 

  • Arrange to meet with you to plan your ceremony

  • Gather all details required to craft ceremony

  • Send the draft of the ceremony to you for approval

  • Make any adjustments, or additions to the final draft

  • Check in with you 1 week before to have a chat and go over the final details.

  • Have a full spare printout of the ceremony on the day should any of the readers forget their copy.


As The Celebrant by Your Side I look forward to meeting with you to plan your perfect vow renewal ceremony to celebrate your shared love.

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