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Transgender Renaming Ceremonies

The Celebrant by Your Side™

A transgender renaming celebration is a truly memorable and personal ceremony where those important to you gather to celebrate your new, more fitting name. But it is more than this, it is a celebration of you. Of stepping into your true self, feeling free, confident, relaxed, and happy. Expressing who you are is one of the most precious and meaningful experiences.

Through an alternative re-naming Ceremony, you give voice to your personal journey of discovery, you share your reflections on what has been, and you start the next phase of your life, embracing love and acknowledging self-acceptance.

I'm Sue Anne, The Celebrant by Your Side

Based in Co. Tipperary, I am an Independent Holistic Family and Funeral Celebrant, as well as a Legal Wedding Solemniser. Therefore, I offer the legal elements of your weddings.


As The Celebrant By Your Side™, I am in the enviable position of accompanying you as you formalise this new identity. It is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that deserves to be celebrated.

I personally consider this to be a gift in my work as a Celebrant. As your Holistic Celebrant, I offer to give a framework to the ceremony specifically designed for you and by you.

A total celebration of YOU

For your Renaming Ceremony, we, together, will create your perfect, relaxing, joy-filled ceremony. This includes choosing the venue that best suits your needs - this can be the Kitchen, the Back garden, the Local park, a Restaurant function room, by the Beach, basically anywhere of your choosing.

​Some people choose to celebrate their ceremony with only a handful of people present as it can often be emotional, while others prefer to a have gathering of hundreds! The choices are endless and always up to you.

Though typically a non-religious ceremony you can include religious or spiritual elements in any area of your ceremony.

Image de Giulia Bertelli

“I may have made changes in my life; I may have changed in how I look and sound. I am me, the person you have loved all along is still here, happier, more content, free.”

  Let's organise your Ceremony  

If you're interested in holding a transgender renaming ceremony, here's what to do next:

  • Contact me by mobile or email me to check date availability.

  • We will meet to plan your ceremony either in person or on Zoom. Together we can explore the elements you would like included such as poems, stories, music, celebrate your journey, and where fitting we can include a ‘letting go of who you were before stepping into your authentic self’ element in your ceremony.

  • Decide who you would like to invite to your transgender renaming ceremony

  • Decided who you would like to be involved and what their role would be in the ceremony on the day.

  • Once you have decided on the number of people you'll invite, decide on the venue that works best for you.

  • Choose readings, poems and enhancements for the ceremony, creating the perfect memorable day.

  • Agree the day, date, time and venue!

  • I will arrive 45-60 minutes before the ceremony to arrange the set up and to go over any questions you or the guide parents or those involved might have in advance of the Ceremony.

If certain extra materials were requested to be included in the enhancement element of the ceremony, I will remind you of same prior to the day.

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